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Designed by Occupational Therapists, teachers & moms, so you can rest assured knowing that your child is engaged in appropriate and fun daily stimulation


  • Saves you time as play sessions have been planned

  • Saves you money as one toy is used in a variety of ways

  • Every game has been tried and tested

  • Playing at home eliminates transport and time constraint limitations of classes

  • Games can be executed by any of your child's caregivers

  • Fosters development of the relationship between the child and all caregivers

  • Allows you to rest assured knowing your child is receiving optimal stimulation

  • Takes the guesswork out of play


  • Holistic and individualised programme

  • Using the checklists, the programme can be tailored to your baby

  • Games can be played at the time most suitable to your child rather than forcing your child to play at a specific time

  • Ensures fun engagement with caregivers 

  • Playing appropriate games enables optimal development

  • Home provides a familiar learning environment


  • Takes the guesswork out of play

  • Schedules ensure planned daily play sessions

  • Every game explained for its effect on your child's development

  • Upskill caregivers in their knowledge and play abilities

  • Using toys and equipment in a variety of ways allows for an increase in the caregiver repertoire

  • Participating in a workshop or a home visit by a trained facilitator will enhance the learning process

  • Participation in the programme leads to increased confidence

  • Games have easy to follow instructions, demonstrated through photographs

  • Guides provide essential information about how to engage a child in play

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