Your little one’s world is starting to grow. He is figuring out that he has an effect on the world. He is exploring what his body can do, characteristics of objects and most importantly the effect he has on his loved ones. This book will guide you through this flirtatious and adventurous stage of development

THE PLAY BOOK contains age appropriate games, organised into chapters (e.g. 4-5 months). The games focus on the pertinent milestones within that month & are demonstrated by photographs and/or videos. The instructions are simple to follow & the OT rationale for including that game has been provided.


This game is called Box Ride and it is an example of one of the games from this Play Book

Featuring Jack & his mom

Equipment Plastic or cardboard box and pillow

PositionSitting or standing with the box facing you

Game Place a pillow in the box and place him in the plastic box facing you with his back resting against the pillow. Now face him and pull the tub around the room/house while you walk backwards slowly. Play this game for as long as he seems to be enjoying it. When he is able to sit without support, remove the pillow

Precautions Make sure he is well supported so he does not fall over but not too supported that he is not forced to work his tummy muscles

Why We Play This Game Experiencing movement is important for brain development. It energises him and makes him more aware of the world around him. Balance skills are necessary for the development of all movement

Here are some more game examples...

Why We Play This Game 

Taking the stickers off her face will require her to feel her face for where the sticker is located (this is difficult when looking at a mirror image). Once she has felt it she will have to take it off using a small accurate pinch 

Why We Play This Game 

As she becomes more aware of the world around her she will begin to understand that certain actions cause certain things to happen. This is the development of the cause and effect concept. At this age she will become fascinated by the power that she has over the things around her. This includes you, she cries and you react! 

Why We Play This Game Pulling on the ribbons strengthens the muscles in her arms. She is also learning about cause and effect as she starts to understand what happens if she pulls on the ribbons 

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