Your little one’s world just got bigger. There are people who have been waiting to meet her and suddenly there is space to move as she is no longer cramped in a tummy. The first 6 months of life develops her awareness of her body and her immediate environment. It is about focusing on the people in her world and falling in love with them. 


This PLAY BOOK will guide you through this romantic stage of development. 


It contains age appropriate games, organised into chapters (e.g. 2-3 months). The games focus on the pertinent milestones within that month & are demonstrated by photographs and/or videos. The instructions are simple to follow & the OT rationale for including that game has been provided

This game is called LOOK IT'S ME 

It is an example from this Play Book

Equipment Full length mirror & blanket

PositionPlace the mirror flat on the floor with the glass facing the ceiling. Fold or roll up a blanket and place it on the bottom half of the mirror. Place her on her tummy on the blanket. You should sit in front of her on the floor

Game Encourage her to lift her head and rest on her forearms. Encourage her to look at her reflection in the mirror and tell her what she is seeing: nose, eyes, ears, lips, cheeks, hair etc. by touching these parts as you say them. She should aim to spend at least 2-3 minutes (or longer) in this position but she will need to build up to it. Give her a rest on her back and then repeat 3/4 times. To help her move from her onto her back again read the ‘roll over’ game

Note • You can add a rolled up towel to provide more support under her chest. If she is only able to tolerate a few minutes, pick her up and try again a little later

Featuring Aidan & his reflection...

Why We Play This Game  He needs to spend time on his tummy in order to strengthen his back and neck muscles. Slowly build up to this starting with 2-3 minutes. This game helps develop his body awareness. He will be able to watch all of his own movements. Having such an interesting object to look at will encourage him to lift his head to be able to see his own reflection better. 


ONLINE CHECKLIST allows our team of OTs to tailor the programme to your little one's developmental level. This ensures your little human stays on track. It is completed online and submitted to our OTs. They then respond with written feedback. These can be found in the Member's Area

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