Your little one is developing quickly. His gross and fine motor skills are developing and he is energetically mastering the control of his body. His thinking is changing and his imagination is taking flight. He is starting to be more constructive with his play - building towers with blocks. He has really started to imitate what he sees and will enjoy putting a dolly to bed. He is learning a few words and loves having nonsense conversations with you. 


This PLAY BOOK will guide you through this energetic stage of development. 

It contains age appropriate games, organised into chapters (e.g. 20-21 months). The games focus on the pertinent milestones within that month & are demonstrated by photographs and/or videos. The instructions are simple to follow & the OT rationale for including that game has been provided.

Equipment Spoons, cups, bowls, raw pasta and cereal

PositionStanding on a chair at the kitchen counter or sitting on the kitchen floor

Game Place some cereal or pasta in the cups so that he can pour without wasting too much food. Encourage him to pour the food into the bowls and stir. He can keep them separate or combine them

Precautions Make sure the chair is sturdy and you are close by if he loses his balance

Featuring Ben & his pasta

Why We Play This Game  To stir without the bowl moving he will have to use one hand to hold the bowl and one hand to stir. By using both hands we are encouraging both sides of his brain to communicate. Imitating cooking will develop his understanding of concepts used in cooking such as spoons for mixing and bowls for holding the food


ONLINE CHECKLIST allows our team of OTs to tailor the programme to your little one's developmental level. This ensures your little human stays on track. It is completed online and submitted to our OTs. They then respond with written feedback. These can be found in the Member's Area

PLAY, ENGAGEMENT & STIMULATION WORKSHOP is ideal for nannies wanting to learn more about child development. It's a 3 hour workshop held three times a year

AUDIO GUIDE video provides valuable information on how to engage a child in play. It discusses over-stimulation, precautions, how to juggle work & play etc. It's a great resource for new moms, nannies, au pairs etc. This is in the Member's Area
BLOG provide valuable information relating to play, development & stimulation. Each blog is written by a member of our team & is written from a personal perspective related to our lives as Occupational Therapists, teachers & moms. This is in the Member's Area


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