Your little one’s world is starting to grow. He is figuring out that he has an effect on the world. He is exploring what his body can do, characteristics of objects and most importantly the effect he has on his loved ones. 


This PLAY BOOK will guide you through this flirtatious and adventurous stage of development.


It contains age appropriate games, organised into chapters (e.g. 4-5 months). The games focus on the pertinent milestones within that month & are demonstrated by photographs and/or videos. The instructions are simple to follow & the OT rationale for including that game has been provided.

This game is called BOX RIDE 

it is an example from this Play Book

Equipment Plastic or cardboard box and pillow

PositionSitting or standing with the box facing you

Game Place a pillow in the box and place him in the plastic box facing you with his back resting against the pillow. Now face him and pull the tub around the room/house while you walk backwards slowly. Play this game for as long as he seems to be enjoying it. When he is able to sit without support, remove the pillow

Precautions Make sure he is well supported so he does not fall over but not too supported that he is not forced to work his tummy muscles

Featuring Jack & his mom

Why We Play This Game Experiencing movement is important for brain development. It energises him and makes him more aware of the world around him. Balance skills are necessary for the development of all movement


ONLINE CHECKLIST allows our team of OTs to tailor the programme to your little one's developmental level. This ensures your little human stays on track. It is completed online and submitted to our OTs. They then respond with written feedback. These can be found in the Member's Area

We are no longer supplying the TOOLKITS but have a few left in stock - check the online shop to see if this one is still available

PLAY, ENGAGEMENT & STIMULATION WORKSHOP is ideal for nannies wanting to learn more about child development. It's a 3 hour workshop held three times a year

BLOG provide valuable information relating to play, development & stimulation. Each blog is written by a member of our team & is written from a personal perspective related to our lives as Occupational Therapists, teachers & moms. This is in the Member's Area


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