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Developmental Checklists

Our Developmental Checklists allow our OTs to tailor the Play Matters programme to your little one’s specific needs

By completing the checklist, we will be able to tell you which areas she is doing particularly well in and which games need to be played more regularly


You are welcome to use this checklist as often as you would like to while you are an active Play Matters client


To purchase a checklist, simply head over to the SHOP

Following purchase,s. Each specific checklist is password protected and will be emailed to you following purchase. 

Audio Guide

The audio guide video provides valuable information on how to engage a child in play.
It discusses over-stimulation, precautions, how to juggle work & play etc.
It's a great resource for new moms, nannies, au pairs etc. 


The monthly blogs provide valuable information relating to play, development and stimulation
Each blog is written by a member of our team & is written from a personal perspective 
related to our lives as Occupational Therapists, teachers and moms

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