1 cup water

1 cup flour

1 TBS vegetable Oil

½ cup salt

A few drops of food colouring (more if you want the colour darker)

1 TBS cream of tartar


Mix well on medium heat until well blended and it forms a ball

Remove from heat, then knead until smooth

Store the dough in a zip-lock bag. Make sure you take out the extra air so that it stays fresh


2 cups of corn flour (corn starch in the US I think)
1 cup of cold water
4.5 cups of boiling water
Liquid food colouring


Mix the cornflour with the cold water and stir together. Pour in the boiling water and stir between each cup. It goes really strange but keep stirring and it literally seems to “melt” into a wonderful, custard-like consistency. We then separated it into individual jam jars before adding colouring, but you can do it however you like and this is the stage to add colour

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