Life's what happens when you are making other plans

This New Year certainly did bring with it a fair amount of change for my family.  The overly optimistic (some may argue unrealistic) list of resolutions has, to date, proven to be merely a waste of paper and ink! I did however feel enormously satisfied at the time of writing it! Which working mom of two young boys has time to actually realise her new year’s resolutions anyway?! So what happened you may ask….life happened that’s what!

You know that saying… happens while you are busy making other plans……


Apparently according Numerology, 2017  is the first year of the next cycle. It didn’t mean anything to me but I decided to google it and this is what I discovered:

2017 can be broken down to 2+0+1+7=10 which can further be broken down to 1+0=1. One is a number of beginning, the start of something brand new, of new perspectives and initiatives. From a numerological perspective 1 symbolises leadership and unique talents. Who knew!?


I personally don’t follow numerology but I certainly can identify with a lot of what it has ‘predicted’ for 2017 so far.


3 days ago my little boy started ‘big school’. He has spent the last two years at an old school playgroup where there were no formalities, the children were there to play. He had the happiest start to his schooling career there. Now he wears the sweetest uniform of which the extra small golf shirt hangs low enough to be a mini skirt and school shoes that are 1,5 sizes too big for him! (It was only when I went shopping for school sandals that I discovered my son has extremely small feet for his age and that school shoes in this country only start from a size 9!) I enthusiastically fill his snack box with individually wrapped mini croissants, cocktail sausages, strawberries, yogurt, biltong, savoury crackers, grapes and have many more ideas for the days ahead. This eagerness surely cannot last!? My husband would be more than chuffed to have a simple boring cheese sandwich packed for him for work!


We have officially entered the formal school system…yikes! It all seems so much more serious than life as a playgroup mom! A change of school for one’s child is a big deal for us too.


New school, new friends, new moms, new rules, new routine….lots of ‘new – ness’!

More change came this month when we said goodbye to our Nanny who has been with us for the past three years. Another huge stability in our family rocked. Fortunately, we had a backup support plan that has been called in to help – it’s that village we all need! ( Finding the right person to join our family is exhausting. But my family deserves someone very special no matter how long it takes to find her. In the meantime, I’ll pick my battles when it comes to juggling between my many responsibilities and try not let the wash line full of rain-drenched clothes worry me…..too much


So much has changed in the short space of January which has required adjustments on many levels for each of us in the family. No time for January blues this year….that’s one good thing about all this change!


So here’s to you 2017….I embrace you!

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