Fine Motoring



The development of find motor skills starts at, if not before, your little one is born. While we always think of fine motor skills as colouring and cutting, it begins with registering and making sense of what you are feeling with your hands. This touch sensation encourages a reflexive grasp at birth. By 5 months your little one can hold an object voluntarily with one hand; this soon develops into picking up small objects by raking the fingers along the floor. Soon she will be able to put down objects with control rather than simply dropping them. By 12 months she can pick up small objects between her thumb and first finger. Next she will learn to twist caps on bottles, post toys through holes and finally hold a crayon. These increased abilities develop at the same time as crawling. Through crawling, both the arches of the hands are developed and the muscles of the shoulders, arms and hands are strengthened.  All of these steps are important to ensure proper development of muscle strength and coordination needed for scholastic fine motor skills.


Emma Gough



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