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The words “Play” “Matters” could not better talk to being able to play with your child knowing that while you are having fun together and bonding over the experience of playing you are also giving your baby the best start to her development. For me as a mother that is not very creative when it comes to play and being playful the relief I felt when I was given this book not full, but packed full of games that were not only fun but also stimulating and purposeful. Although I work part-time and don’t have to rely completely on my wonderful nanny to look after and play with my daughter when I do leave them together I know that my nanny has a structure to work from and that my daughter will be entertained and stimulated at the same time. Every time I have sent through an online checklist to see where we are at and how my daughter is doing the feedback from Meg, Emma and Lauren is thorough, personalised and informative. Play really does matter!...

Liv, mom of 1


I often consult with mothers just before they return to work. And almost all mothers have concerns about how much stimulation their babies will get at home when they are at work. I always recommend Play Matters as an interactive play & stimulation programme that is easy to use. The programme can be followed by parents, grandparents and the caregiver. It makes use of toys and house hold things to play with making it very affordable.

Sister Pippa Hime, mom of two and founder of My Midwife

Cape Town

The Play Matters Programme takes the guess work of providing your child with play ideas that are age appropriate and developmentally relevant. The direction it offered me gave me peace of mind that not only what we were doing was fun, but was relevant to my daughter's development. The manual is easy to follow and easily executed by myself and my nanny. It's great to know that the activities were put together by experts and gives me peace of mind that we are playing with purpose

Bridget, stay at home mom of 2


When I became a father for the first time I found myself totally reliant on my wife to think about what to do with our daughter all day, all was good until one weekend when  I was on duty all alone and was at a complete loss as to what to do with her. All I could think of was taking her for a walk or to the shops to distract her and make the time fly until her next nap. Deep down I knew that I was not really benefitting my daughter and knew I needed to find more beneficial and stimulating activities to do with her. The Play Matters programme has made this really easy for me, it is easy to follow, I have everything I need and I can clearly see that I am benefitting my children by working through the play matters activities with them. Not only has this helped me engage with my kids..... It has helped me score some points with my wife as well

Rob, working dad of 2


As a working mom who runs her own business the battle between balancing work and family life is a constant struggle. My biggest concern was always whether I was spending enough quality time with my child and whether my absence in their formative years would have an impact on their development later in life.

Luckily for me these concerns where resolved when I started the Play Matters programme. With the play book and check lists I was able to schedule my child's play ensuring that I was giving them the best of me while also ensuring they reached developmental milestones. When I was unable to be with my child due to work constraints I simply handed over the  programme to my nanny who was easily able to complete the activities for the day.

Since using the Play Matters programme I feel more confident that my child is getting the engagement and stimulation he needs and that despite life being an endless juggling act, I am giving my child the best start I possibly can.

Christina, working mom of 2


What we love about this system is that it uses things you already have at home and challenges you to engage with then in new creative ways - socks, ice cream tubs and other everyday items become part of the play routine. It's easy to make it happen without mountains of additional props - play is the hero and not the elements used. It teaches kids to see everything around them as an opportunity to learn and engage. It is also flexible enough to provide variety and keep the activities coming (when you have an active kid around who's attention span is still rather short). Nothing takes too long to set-up so you can rethink the play routine as your little one's interests change

Megan, working mom of 2


I got Play Matters when my daughter was 4 months and I had to return to work full time. It was a life saver! Knowing that my child was being stimulated and learning all the time with her nanny made me going back to work that much easier. My nanny also thoroughly enjoyed using it, it gave her great ideas and daily tasks and was super easy. My daughter is now 18 months and she still uses Play matters! I cannot recommend it enough!

Alexa, working mom of 1


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